Jerusalem Delights Catering and Food Delivery.

Food delivery in Jerusalem? You’ve come to the right place. Here are the whos whats and whys.

What do we do?

Jerusalem Delights provides you with gourmet catering and food deliveries to Jerusalem, Beit Shemesh and the surrounding areas. We make your life easy. You get deeply satisfying catered events with meals that leave memories.

How are we special?

Here are the top 5 factors that set Jerusalem Delights apart:

    1. We understand you: Family time happens around the table and you have a special concern… we’ll make it happen. Rich experience in the field means that we know how to elegantly care for all of your needs.
    2. American Cuisine: We’re talking about that corned beef, honey-glazed polkies, deli-roll, apple-crumble goodness that you love at home.
    3. Israeli Flare: At the same time, we serve up these delicious menus with the flavor of Jerusalem that you traveled all this way just to get a taste of. Zesty fruits and exotic spices are woven into our unique culinary portfolio. 
    4. Huge Portions: We pack more than enough to pile up all of your family’s plates… and your unexpected guests too.
    5. Service: On time. Clean. Organized. Available. Need we say more?


Why do we do what do we do?

Nati, our culinary director, the child of American Olim, grew up with the flavors from “back home”. This in contrast with his experience dealing with widely-regarded restaurants and famous  catering companies, led him to be keenly aware of some serious shortcomings in the field.

And Jerusalem Delights was born.

That “Chutznik” mentality (flexibility and patience) that you’ve been missing? We have it in spades. Those generous helpings? We’ve got that too.

What our satisfied customers are saying:

“You know that feeling when the end of the week creeps up on you and the last thing you’re interested in is staying up late and cooking a whole Shabbos? With a few clicks and a quick phone call, Jerusalem delights took care of everything.” – Jackie M. Rechavia

“We came from Chicago for three weeks in January. With our whirlwind schedules, visiting our daughter in seminary and relatives around the country, it was crucial to have a relaxing Shabbat. We got our Jerusalem food delivery straight to the apartment with enough time to set everything up before Shabbat started. The meals were amazing! Thanks!” – Martin S. Chicago

Ready for something delicious?

If you’re ready to enjoy mouthwatering jerusalem food delivery and catering, our menu is just one click away.